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Best Places To Check While Looking For Physics Homework Solutions

Physics, which is derived mainly from mathematics, is a tough subject to understand. However, if you understand the math involved, say calculus or basic algebra, you will be able to tackle any physics problem that is thrown at you. Just in case you are baffled by anything, there are places and resources you can use to check whether you solved the problem correctly. These resources include:


Assignments are more than likely coming out of the textbook (unless your teacher decides to make up their own) so there are chances that the textbook provides some sort of example that could help you on your way to solving the assigned problems and successfully completing your homework.

Physics Professor/Teacher

Your professor/teacher is the one teaching the class and assigning the homework, so chances are, they are the ones more likely to help you in checking whether you arrived at the correct answer using the right equation and/or formula. Your teacher should be the first person that you go to when you do not know how to tackle the assignment.

Problem-Solving Manuals

These could be used in conjunction with your textbook. You can usually find these manuals in your local library or even in the school library. However, you need to keep in mind that these manuals will not have the exact same problem that you are trying to solve. They will likely have similar problems so you can use that as a guide to finish your assignment.

Online Resources

There are plenty of these on the internet. Some will just give your answer, and others will provide a step-by-step on how to get to the answer. Be sure to weed out the reliable sources. The best way to know which ones are reliable is to ask your classmates and even students who passed physics about online sources they used that they found helpful.

School/Public Library

Libraries carry large amounts of information. You are likely going to find some help among the books. Just seek the help of the librarian and they will direct you to the book that will aid in your problem.

Good class notes

Going to class is important. It is even better for you when completing your physics assignment that you have good class notes. It is a god reference to have because your teacher/professor, when solving example problems, likely provided an in-depth step-by-step approach.

Tutoring/Study Groups

In a study group, you are working as a team to find the solutions to the problems. Someone in your group likely has better notes that you do, allowing you to use their notes and understanding to finish your assigned task.

A tutor, who has taken physics and successfully passed the class, is another good resource to have and to go to.

Any of the above-mentioned resources is a great place to start when checking for any physics assignment solutions. Begin with one and if there isn’t much help coming from that, there are chances that any of the others will be of great help. Physics is not easy, but it can be made easier to understand when you use the resources available to you.

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