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How To Fix The Most Common Problems Associated With Homework

Children find it boring, tough, lengthy or uninterested. They always run away from it. Parents should see what is actually going wrong? The relationship between teacher and student plays an important role. You have to be involved in your kid’s school activities. Try to appreciate him in extra-curricular activities as well. Many parents find homework difficult. Schools and collages should change their policies. They should make it more friendly and interesting. Many parents complaint that their kids do not get time to spend with their family. Teachers should revise their policies and should give small amount of homework.

Many students do not know how to use their resources

This is very true. You need to help your child in introducing and handling dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and internet. You can ask his teacher to guide him properly

Many students get afraid of teachers

Students are scared of unsocial, unfriendly, strict and boring teachers. Make your kid friendly with the teacher or request the authorities to change his teacher

Students delay their work

That is another major issue. This happens only because, students do not follow a proper routine. Parents have to stay strict in scheduling their routine and to asking them to follow it strictly.

Students run away from long home assignments

Ask your kid’s teacher to break down the assignments into smaller ones.

Students find it boring

Students find their work boring. Therefore, they look for somebody else to do their work.

Make the work interesting

You can change the work environment. Add things that your kid likes.

Story telling can be a good idea. Keep on telling stories to your child. This will keep him engaging

Encourage your child

Give him rewards and acknowledge his achievements. If your kid has secured good marks in a test. Announce this in front of entire family.

Place all necessary things in his access

This way, he will not bother to move much. Bring interesting gadgets and stationary items. This way he will take interest in his work.

Give short breaks

Short breaks after small intervals is necessary. He will stay fresh and would love to work. Let him do his favorite work in the break. If you see its not working, you can ask his teacher to give him relaxation in work. Kids cannot work in a stressful environment. Moreover, give snacks and juices in small breaks.

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